Guitar Repairs

We repair all guitars, as well as related plucked instruments.

Do you want to bring your instrument back to life?

Bring the instrument over and I can advise you on how the instrument can be easily played.

Our services include:

  • Change strings, clean/polish Fretboard and oil tuners
  • attach strap buttons
  • replacement of tuners/ machine heads for refining the instrument
  • All wiring and pick up replacing/ installation (Carlos, Fishman B-band, Schertler, etc.)
  • Custom Binding & Inlays of a simple monogram or logo to elaborate inlays in wood, mother of pearl, abalone or precious stones
  • Customize saddle or bridge inlay made of bone
  • all guitar setup: including adjusting action, machine heads
  • Intonation check
  • Establish optimal string action
  • nut, Saddle, bridge and neck corrections
  • Acoustic Guitar Bracing Repairs
  • re-fretting 
  • Repair of body cracks, fractures of the neck, headstock breaks
  • Paint and lacquer repairs
  • partial or complete french polish polishes
  • Work on historical instruments, Guitar Restoration
  • We provide advice for insurance valuations
  • Undamping (special method for vibration enhancing the guitar)


do you have a specific idea of how your guitar should look or should sound? We can help to make your dream real. A hand-built guitar according to your ideas does not cost a fortune!

An important concern for us is customizing, ie optimizing the instrument for the client. Most guitars are too difficult to play. Due to the manufacturing tolerances the guitars/ instruments are made with far too high string action. The fine tuning can be done in consultation with the musician/ player due to his playing style and physical constitution (hand size, strength, flexibility). The agreement is very important to prevent inflammation in the hand or poor posture.

One of the main reasons for frustration play the guitar is an instrument incorrectly set! Professionals and beginners alike need easily recordable instruments.

Other services available on request

Musician-friendly opening times:

Tuesday - Friday about 3 pm - 6.30 pm

Saturday: 10 am - 1 pm

Do you have another date request? Then we can gladly arrange a time:

Phone: 0049 160-94 93 0853

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