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José Feliciano & Kai Heumann small © Calliope

We are happy to announce that Maestro and multiple 

Grammy Award winner José Feliciano received his 

High End „José Feliciano“ Signature Model 

from our brand 

Guitarras Calliope




Here is a clip from the German TV station „WDR“ about the Gitarrenzentrum and my music. 

(in German language only)

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we are your specialized guitar shop for acoustic guitars

Kingsize Concert Guitars

developed by Kai Heumannhandmade in Spain

- with DCRN-System (Double Carbon Reinforced Neck System)

Powerful Big Tone High Quality Guitars with an amazing Volume and an incredible wide Range of Frequencies

- Modelo „José Feliciano"

- Kai Heumann Modelo Luthier "Orfeo"

Joscho Stephan Signature Model

Mike Reinhardt Signature Model


am: "Alter Markt 13, 42897 Remscheid - Lennep“


Our special concern is to provide the (going-to-be) guitarists with professional advice, ranging from a beginner’s guitar, or the choice of the right equipment to the top quality Luthier guitar.

  • Concert-, Flamenco- and Gypsyguitars
  • Children- and Youthguitars in the size 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 7/8
  • pickup systems inclusive installation
  • guitar repairs from the specialist! We repair guitars of all kinds as well as aquainted stringed instruments.
  • Classik, Rock, Pop, Latin, Jazz, Folk, Flamenco, Song accompaniment,…qualified guitar lessons, which are fun!


musician friendly opening times:

tuesday - friday 3 pm - 6.30 pm

saturday: around 10.30 am - 1 pm

Would you like to make an appointment? Then we can fix a date:

Mobile: 0049 - (0)160 - 94 93 0853


The "Gitarrenzentrum" is the meeting place for all acoustic guitarists


Here at the Gitarrenzentrum we do support people in need. If you have a stringed instrument that you do not play anymore and give it to us, I will optimize the instrument and make it good playable. We then pass the instrument over to someone who cannot afford an instrument.


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