21.05.2017 Muriel Anderson Workshop 13.00 Uhr

Open to guitarists of all levels. Muriel can help you make the most of your time with your guitar. She will cover technique, arranging, interpretation and inspiration, interspersing performance with discussion. Every participant will have the opportunity to ask questions, to explore techniques for better playing and musicianship. Muriel will also have some new hands-on techniques, riffs, or tunes to teach. Handouts will be provided. OK to bring your guitar and/or to record the workshop if you like. 

Muriel has performed with, jammed with and learned from legendary musicians Chet Atkins, Christopher Parkening, Les Paul, Jimmy Page, and others. She hosts the famous Muriel Anderson’s All Star Guitar Night and founded the Music for Life Alliance charity. In 1989, Muriel Anderson became the first woman to win the Natio­nal Fingerstyle Guitar Championship.

Gitarrenzentrum. 13.00 Uhr. bald mehr Infos auf dieser Seite!

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